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Sell a Home, Not a House

One of the great ironies of selling your Beech Mountain home is that you must get it in such great condition that you may ask yourself why you would even want to move?  Your focus right now may be on your own dream home, but consider your current house as someone else’s dream Beech Mountain home, and start preparing it for them. Putting a little work into it now makes the entire process of selling your house much more profitable for you in the long run.  De-clutter, de-personalize, maintain and clean for maximum interest and profits.

Who Else Do You Need On Your Team?

While a great real estate agent is key to selling your home, you will actually be employing our team of specialists to get you through the process. As your Beech Mountain real estate agent, I am well-connected and in many cases will be able to recommend people who will handle all the services that go with fixing-up and selling your home, including inspection companies, appraisers, contractors, handymen, electricians and plumbers. 

A Vacation Destination

Although we do have over 600 full time residents, the vast majority of our property owners either use their property for vacations, rentals or both.  Determining what type of property (condo, townhome, house or land) you are selling and its location should be your first focus.  

Lighten The Load

As you begin packing to move to your new home, the realization will probably hit you like a ton of bricks: you have a ton of stuff and/or you have made the home a personal reflection of you, your family and friends. Consider de-personalizing and get rid of those items that you haven't used within the last six months to a year to make your move out easier. A garage sale is a great way to unload lots of your little-used items and make a little extra cash to spend and Beech Mountain Chamber sponsors a Beech Mountain Yard Sale each summer for only $10 for a space rental. You can also sell some of your rarer possessions on auction sites such as ebay. You may get a pretty penny for old toys, books and retro items like brass lighting and 70s style furniture.  These items typically sell for a lesser price at a garage sale. Also consider donating furniture and clothing to charity. You’ll be doing something good for yourself and for others and most will provide you with a receipt for the value of the goods for your tax purposes.

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